Asset List for Master Thesis

I) Main Character
    A) Armor
    B) Sword
    C) Ring
    D) Necklace
II) Princess
    A) Dress
    B) Crown
    C) Necklace
III) Evil King of LA
    A) Armor
    B) Sword
IV) Main Character's Dragon
    A) Saddle
    B) Reigns
V) Evil King's Dragon
    A) Saddle
    B) Reigns
VI) Future Los Angeles
    A) Inside one room of the tallest building- a dungeon
    B) A small number of smaller, low-res buildings and trees for close to the ground. Fog will cover most of the ground.
    C) Mountains in the background
    D) One hill close up
    E) Clouds in the background

1 comment:

  1. So by my count, that is 5 characters and 1-2 sets. It is ambitious, but certainly do-able. At all costs, care should be taken to re-use as much as possible, such as hands or bodys from character to character that can just be modified to make work as a new person.

    With this list, you should start working on sketches for their character designs as soon as possible. Think heavily about what shape, pattern, and color choice give to you as "backstory". For instance, compare the king, and evil wizard from aladdin (you can see both on this poster:

    One is basically a round shape, the other is a tall thin shape. One wears cream and blue, the other red and black. Look at all the pointy shapes that the evil wizard has, versus the rounder arcs on the kings clothing design. You need to approach you character designs with these elements in mind, and it should be your main focus at this stage: finding a solid reason for why they look the way they do. How do you show the difference between a good dragon and an evil dragon.