Tunes for the Walk of Life

Joe-Bob McGee is on his way home from visiting his Cousin-Sister, Anna-Mary McGee, who just had her third Child-Brother, making this Joe-Bob's 13th Nephew-Second Cousin. Family is so important to the McGees.


This is one of the rare Gold-Crowned Palila found on the isle of Pokonji Dolf in the Adriadic Sea. What a marvelous specimen to behold.

Falling Monster

Bernard, this crazy, thrill-seeking monster, forgot something very important. After boarding a plane and enjoying the sights, everyone but him donned their parachutes and leaped. He leaped, too. We should all learn something from this... That looks kind of fun...


Derek took this picture of Lincoln last 4th of July when we visited them in Bunkerville, NV. That was a fun trip!

Beautiful Landscape

This is a painting I did in Photoshop of a gorgeous photograph my brother, Derek, took.

Take Flight Birdy!

I painted this amazing photo that my brother, Derek, took.


Tristan's Photo painted in Photoshop.

Pretty Bird, I'm a Pretty Bird

I painted another one of Tristan's amazing photos.