Each "Week" shown is when things are due

Week 2: Finished Concept Art for Thesis

Week 3: Armor and Sword for Main Character and Evil Character (around existing body)

Week 4: Started Modeling both Dragons

Week 5: Finished Modeling both Dragons and Saddles

Week 6: UVed Armor and Dragons and Saddles

Week 7: Finished Cloth for Princess and Necklace for her and Main Character and UV them

Week 8: Modeled buildings

Week 9: UV Buildings and Started with Mountains in Background

Week 10: Texture for Dragons

Week 11: Textured Buildings

Evil Dragon Character Design

Good Dragon Character Design

Character Design

Asset List for Master Thesis

I) Main Character
    A) Armor
    B) Sword
    C) Ring
    D) Necklace
II) Princess
    A) Dress
    B) Crown
    C) Necklace
III) Evil King of LA
    A) Armor
    B) Sword
IV) Main Character's Dragon
    A) Saddle
    B) Reigns
V) Evil King's Dragon
    A) Saddle
    B) Reigns
VI) Future Los Angeles
    A) Inside one room of the tallest building- a dungeon
    B) A small number of smaller, low-res buildings and trees for close to the ground. Fog will cover most of the ground.
    C) Mountains in the background
    D) One hill close up
    E) Clouds in the background